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Specialist Forensic Care

Community Gardening

What we do.

We provide services for people with a learning disability and autism who also have a forensic or offending background, with the aim of reducing the risks posed through our intensive outcomes focused treatment programmes.


Key elements & aims of our services and treatment programmes


We provide specialist support to those stepping down from secure care in both hospitals and community-based services. We are able to support those with issues in relation to arson, violence and aggression and we specialise in working with people with a sexual offending history.

In our service we provide treatment through our adapted Sexual Offender Treatment Programme, Arson and Offender programmes, tailored specifically for those with a learning disability. These programmes aim to support individuals to address their index offence or history and minimise future risks. We use a range of recognised risk assessment and management and outcomes measurement tools in our therapeutic interventions to ensure appropriate formulations are derived which then inform suitable treatment programmes to address needs and risks. Our therapeutic programmes use cognitive behavioural and dialectical behaviour therapy skills.


Our specialist community based services are able to provide the supervision and support which is required, through high staffing levels, to ensure that those with ongoing risks are able to live safely in the community.

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