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Mental Health

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Mental Health 

The way Gian Healthcare ltd supports people with mental health problem is based on person centred approach. We strive to support each individual to feel entitled to what they want from life by challenging stigma and discrimination that presents to mental health.

 Key Features of the Service

•    An individually tailored meaningful activities programme is provided within the home and also with access to communal activities within the main service to allow the individual the opportunity to be involved in activities with peers.
•    Daily input from the MDT around observation levels, activities, interventions and medication management
•    Weekly review by the full MDT to review presentation and progress and identify and agree actions
•    The support of a skilled staff team, 24 hour hours a day, specifically trained in positive behaviour management, autism, co-existing personality disorder and self-injury.


Our Service aims to deliver the following outcomes:

•    A reduction in the severity, frequency and duration of behaviours that challenge
•    Improved adaptive functioning, including communication skills
•    Decreased distress
•    Improved mental and psychological health
•    Improved quality of life
•    Increased service user and carer satisfaction
•    Stabilisation in a community based setting as appropriate

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