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What we do.

Gian Healthcare is an approved provider of supported living services and residential services across Manchester and Greater Manchester. We have 6 houses across Manchester with different occupancies. Our experienced support workers provide one to one support for adults with learning disabilities and mental health needs in the home and/ or the community including maintaining tenancies and accessing training and employment opportunities.

We provide specialist support to those stepping down from secure care in both hospitals and community-based services. We are able to support those with issues in relation to arson, violence and aggression and we specialise in working with people with a sexual offending history.


Key elements & aims of our services and treatment programmes


Our service aims to

  • provide a helpful balance between support and independent living.

  •  develop the skills they need for increasingly independent living in a safe and secure environment.

  • transition to living independently in the community.

  • arrange compatible supported people to live together.

Our specialist community based services are able to provide the supervision and support which is required, through high staffing levels, to ensure that those with ongoing risks are able to live safely in the community.

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